theres a giant burning orb in the sky and it can burn your flesh, it can give you diseases, it can kill you, looking directly at it causes physical pain, and we all think this is okay. we like this orb.  we like to go outside and lie around on our backs when this orb is in the sky. children draw cute pictures of this levitating death orb with a smiley face on it. what is wrong with us

i want to go hiking but there’s no exciting risk factor. i’d do it if there were bears. or sasquatches.


This makes me want a video game about a zombie apocalypse that only affects men so it’s up to the housewives of 50s’ America to save humanity.

…saving this idea for class.

Reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you because you are nice and shit.

goddamn i really want to move to canada it’s driving me insane .. why is it so hard for me to leave my cat